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    2020 Graduation link

    Below is the he link for our 2020 graduation ceremony. Congratulations graduates!


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    Celebrate this school year with a virtual yearbook signing.

    Dear Class of 2020, 

    We know how important the tradition of yearbook signing is.  While we anticipated the time being spent outdoors at the BBQ, circumstances have dictated otherwise. Nonetheless, our yearbook company, Walsworth, has partnered with Kudoboard™ to make virtual yearbook signing possible!
    Kudoboard lets you make online boards that your friends can sign with messages, photos, and gifs. You just text, email or share your link with your friends. When you’re done, you can save your board as a hi-res JPEG to keep digitally or print and place inside your yearbook. 
    We all know this doesn’t replace signing yearbook in person outside on the South Lawn, but we hope you check out this opportunity. Please share this message and links with January graduates. We want as many seniors as possible to learn about this opportunity. Remember, YOU manage who signs your board and the messages displayed. This is an opportunity to show your friends how much you care and appreciate them. Write something MEANINGFUL. Inappropriate messages, images, or bullying of any sort will NOT be tolerated. Make this opportunity a positive one.
    Check out the attached How-To PDF and head over to kudoboard.com/walsworth to get started today. Make sure to enter promo code Walsworth2020 for special pricing.

    Let us know if you have any questions! 
    The Yearbook Staff
    Bayside High School
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    Letter from Chancellor re: Agent Mosley

    Bayside High School
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    Revised Term 4 Calendar 2019-2020

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    How to use Google Classroom for Parents - in English, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish

    See attachments below.
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    FAQs on Remote Learning

    Please read our frequently asked questions. These will be updated as information becomes available.

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    At this time, our regular phone operations are disrupted. Please call (914)407-4012 and leave a message including your child's name and a call back number. A staff member will contact you.

    The preferred method of contacting school staff is by email. A directory of staff email can be found of the Faculty and Staff directory page at www.baysidehighschool.org. Please continue to check your email and your phone for regular updates from Bayside High School.

    Bayside High School
  • College & Career Resources

    On our Remote Learning page, there is a section on College and Career Resources. On this page, you will find links to college apps, college websites, virtual college tours, career sites, and more.

    Bayside High School
  • Covid-19 Information

    See attachments below for:
    Coronavirus update for families 3/10/20
    Fact Sheet - Covid-19
    Flyer - Covid-19

    Bayside High School
  • Incident on 11/21/2019

    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    Earlier today, we received a mistaken report concerning a potential threat. The school was placed on lockdown. NYPD was on scene and confirmed there is no threat. The lockdown was lifted and classes resumed as normal.

    Our students and their safety is our top priority, and I thank our staff for their quick response.

    Parent-Teacher Conferences will take place this evening at 6:30 PM, as regularly scheduled.

    Michael Athy

    Bayside High School
  • BHS Gmail / Google Classroom Accounts

    Attention New Students - BHS Gmail Accounts have now been set up! Please log in using the information you were given earlier this week. This will allow you to access Google Classroom assignments from your teachers.

    Pupil Path registration letters will be distributed sometime towards the end of next week. This is used to check your grades in your classes.

    Bayside High School
  • Letter to parents and students re: safety

    Bayside High School
  • Student email

    Students: You can access your  email by going to gmail.com.

    User Name: FirstInitial + LastName + Last4DigitsOfOSIS# + @baysidehighschool.org
    (e.g. jsmith1234@baysidehighschool.org)

    Password: OSIS #

    Bayside High School
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Calendar of Events

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Daily Student Attendance Form for Remote Learning


2020-2021 Course Selection Form

For Students Returning to Bayside HS in the Fall:
Since it is currently difficult to have face-to-face meetings with guidance counselors, we would like you to indicate your interest in courses for next school year using this Course Request Form
Please be sure to carefully read the instructions on Page 1 of the form, as well as on each subsequent page. There is a lot of information to review. Each grade level has unique courses and options.
Feel free to reach out to your guidance counselor if you have any questions.

Distance Learning Updates

REVISED TERM 4 2019-2020 CALENDAR -  term4 calendar.pdf 

April 5, 2020 

Dear Students & Families:

A few new notes:


(1) Term 4 starts Monday April 6th.

The DOE has decided that Spring Break is cancelled so we will have remote learning all next week including next Thursday and Friday (April 9th & 10th).
Teachers have been asked to use Thursday & Friday as "review" and "makeup days." In the email that you receive for Thursday's attendance and again for Friday's attendance, you will be given the option to inform us if you are observing a religious holiday on either or both days.

(2) The comments

that many of you are inputting each day in your remote attendance email are very helpful--please keep them coming…except for the ones that mention how old I am. Save those for when I see you.

(3) In response to your comments:

To make your remote workload more manageable, certain classes will not post new assignments on certain days from April 13th to May 1st. The teacher will remain available for questions and you can work on previously assigned activities:

Catch-Up Days: No New Lessons/ No New Assignments:

Each Week On:

No New Lessons or New Assignments in:


Math; Computers; CFM; Health; PE


Art; World Languages; Music


Social Studies (including Humanities)


English; ENL


Science; Sports Medicine

(4) In response to your comments:

Many students are asking me about the Regents. Some are asking me for the answers to the Regents…nice try…

Questions include: Will the Regents be administered this June? Or delayed until July or August? Or waived for all kids scheduled to graduate? Or waived for all students scheduled to take a Regents in June?

Answer: The Board of Regents is discussing these possibilities this week. You, as a student in a "good" high school, have an opinion that matters. If you can, respectfully, coherently, and grammatically, state your opinion to the Regents, I would urge you to consider reaching out to the Regents themselves as they make their plan. Do not be crass; don't use slang; and remember that you are trying to be convincing- not whiny or whingey-if you do decide to contact them. This is not the time to complain about things other than the Regents' Exams.

Ms. Betty Rosa,

Mr. T. Andrew Brown

Mr. Luis O. Reyes

Chancellor, NYS Board of Regents

Vice-Chancellor, NYS Board of Regents







Mr. Lester Young

Ms. Kathleen Cashin,

Ms. Christine Cea







Mr. Roger Tilles

Ms. Judith Chin

Ms. Catherine Collins







Mr. Wade S. Norwood

Mr. James Cottrell

Ms. Josephine Victoria Finn







Ms. Beverly L. Ouderkirk

Ms. Elizabeth S. Hakanson

Ms. Judith Johnson








Ms. Nan Eileen Mead

Ms. Susan W. Mittler





(5) If you or a friend has a problem with internet connection or lacks a laptop--email your guidance counselor. Make sure to provide your parent's cell phone and your current street address.

Stay safe!
Michael Athy

 Letter for students and families.docx  - April 1st, 2020

Letter for students and families.docx - March 23rd, 2020

Notice Concerning Regents and LOTE Exams

April 9, 2020

Dear Students & Families,

New York State decided not to offer Regents Examinations in June, 2020. Instead, it will offer exemptions in certain situations. An exemption means that you do not need to take the specific Regents Exam in June, 2020 or in the future. An exemption will appear on a transcript without a score.

Here are the basics of what this policy means for you:

  1. If you are in a course that was leading to a Regents or LOTE Exam in June and you pass the course, you are exempted from taking that course's Exam.
    -For Science course with lab requirements, this applies even if you did not accumulate the required labs.
    -For LOTE (Languages Other Than English) Exams, this applies if you have earned 3 credits or more in the LOTE Language by the end of June, 2020.
  2. If you are in a course that was leading to a Regents or LOTE Exam in June and you fail the course but make up the failure in summer, then you are exempted from taking that course's Exam.
    -For Science course with lab requirements, this applies even if you did not accumulate the required labs.
    -For LOTE (Languages Other Than English) Exams, this applies if you have earned 3 credits or more in the LOTE Language by the end of June, 2020.

The New York State Department of Education has not announced plans for any Regents Exams in August.
Be careful of this because there is no budget or plan for summer school as of yet.

  1. If you previously passed a course that lead to a Regents or LOTE Exam, but failed the Regents and were going to retake the Exam in June, 2020, you are exempted from taking that Exam.
    -For Science course with lab requirements, this applies even if you did not accumulate the required labs.
    -For LOTE (Languages Other Than English) Exams, this applies if you have earned 3 credits or more in the LOTE Language by the end of June, 2020.
  2. If you are scheduled to graduate in June, 2020 and have earned all the required course credits, you are exempted from taking any Regents or LOTE Exam that might have been required for you to graduate.
    --For Science course with lab requirements, this applies even if you did not accumulate the required labs.
    -For LOTE (Languages Other Than English) Exams, this applies if you have earned 3 credits or more in the LOTE Language by the end of June, 2020. (4+1)
  3. If you were on track for an Advanced Regents diploma and are now exempted from taking Regents or LOTE Exam that you needed for this, you will be awarded the Advanced Regents Diploma.
  4. If the average of the highest scores for each Regents you have taken is 90% or higher, you will receive a "with Honors" designation. Exempted Regents will not count in the average of your Regents scores.
  5. If you have an IEP and were going to use the Compensatory Scoring Option to satisfy graduation requirements, an Exam that is exempted cannot be used for this.
  6. Students enrolled in a NYSED approved CTE program can be exempted from three-part technical assessments if they earned the course credit and had intended to take the exam in 2019-2020.

We will share further information as it becomes available.

Michael Athy,

Fall Open House for Prospective Students

There were 2 Open House Dates for School Year 2020-2021
Thursday, October 17th,  from 7-9 pm 
Saturday, October 26th, from 1:30-4 pm

Art & Music Audition Dates for School Year 2020-2021
Saturday, December 14th, 2019 - arrival time: 9:00 am
Saturday, January 4th, 2020 - arrival time: 9:00 am

Modell's Coupon - earn money for BHS and save 15%

  modell's coupon   


NYC Service - Volunteer Opportunities for Students

Volunteering. Good for you. Good for your city. Use your time, passion, skills and willingness to help to address New York City's most pressing needs. Visit NYC Service for more information.


SAT Word of the Day

Vocabulary words with a quiz to test understanding - from The New York Times

Tutoring Schedule

Tutoring will take place in room B12. Students may go to tutoring during their lunch period.   tutoring schedule 1.docx 
 Two students reading a book together 

Free Breakfast & Lunch

  lunch bag and appleYou do not need to apply for your child to receive meals. However, we do ask families to complete the Family Income Inquiry Form,  which helps schools receive money for their programs. Your school will send a copy of this form home with your child, or you can get it from your school’s main office.

Statement on Accessibility

We are working to make this website easier to access for people with disabilities, and will follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 AA. If you need assistance with a particular page or document on our current site, please contact smiller@baysidehighschool.org to request assistance.

Office of Equal Opportunity Statement

It is the policy of the New York City Department of Education to provide equal educational opportunities without regard to actual or perceived race, color, religion, creed, ethnicity, national origin, alienage, citizenship status, disability, weight, gender (sex) or sexual orientation,  and to maintain an environment free of harassment on the basis of any of these grounds, including sexual harassment or retaliation. Inquiries regarding compliance with appropriate laws may be directed to: Director, Office of Equal Opportunity, 65 Court Street, Room 1102, Brooklyn, New York 11201. Telephone 718-935-3320.