• Soundings

    Please submit your poems, short stories, song lyrics, artwork and photography to, so that you can be in our 2017-2018 edition of Bayside High School’s Literature and Art Magazine and part of the Soundings Poetry Read Aloud March 2.

    Deadline for submissions is December 15, 2017.

    Bayside High School
  • Student email

    Students: You can access your  email by going to

    User Name: FirstInitial + LastName + Last4DigitsOfOSIS# +

    Password: OSIS #

    Bayside High School
  • St. John's University College Advantage Program

    Go to Create a St. John's College Advantage Account and follow the instructions to sign up.

    Bayside High School


Reference books commonly used for research and thesis papers are available online. Novels for Students can be accessed here. 

To find a reference eBook click on this link for Gale Virtual Reference Library


eBook titles
-Novels for Students
-Drama for Students
-Poetry for Students
-Shakespeare for Students
-Short Stories for Students
-Literary Newsmakers for Students
-Literary Themes for Students
-Nonfiction Classics for Students